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The society is for anyone interested in geology, 
whether beginners or experienced.
This is our 46th year!

We hold monthly talks on a wide range of earth science topics, usually on the 2nd Thursday of the month
. We have several day and weekend field trips a year and sometimes a longer foreign excursion.   

Our talks normally take place at Oaklands College.
Click here to download detailed directions to the venue.

From September 2020 until further notice, all talks will take place online, via Zoom

Next talk:  Thursday 8 October, 7:30pm
Dr Lucia Perez Diaz (Seismic Group, Univ of Oxford)
will give her talk originally scheduled for May:  
"The Ups and Downs of the South Atlantic

The link for joining Zoom meetings will be emailed a few days in advance to all members.
If you have not received it by the day before the talk, please contact the

Meantime, here are some things to keep your geological brain ticking over:

NEW:  Re-imagining Dinosaurs
A long article from National Geographic -
 amazing reconstructions and animations as well as fascinating research details.

A really interesting talk on Martian geology
This OU/SPA talk describes the (continuing) travels of the NASA Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars, and its geological findings. 
Click on the Popastro youtube link then select '
SPA meeting, 25 July'.
P.S. The Curiosity rover was built in Stevenage, Hertfordshire!

Down To Earth magazine - August issue

Since we can't hand out printed copies, you may like to download the latest issue instead.  
The file is rather large, so it comes in 2 parts: 
Down to Earth 112 Part 1.pdf   Down to Earth 112 Part 2.pdf

Geologists Association - past  talks
The GA monthly lectures cover a huge range of topics, and many past talks were videoed .  
The GA has now made these available to all, members and non-members. 
You can access them via geologistsassociation.org.uk/lectures

"Hertfordshire Geology and Landscape" 

For more details of the book, see the HNHS web page.
 It can be purchased on-line from HNHS, or in person at any meeting of the HGS for only 35.

Learn about local geology

Introduction to the Geology Of Hertfordshire

Geological trails and guides
We are starting to build up a collection of downloadable geological trails, and guides to geologically interesting locations.   The first ones can be seen on the 'Trails and Guides' page.

Sites of special geological interest
A number of sites in Hertfordshire are officially designated as important for their geology or geomorphology.  Details and map

For lots of interesting information on Hertfordshire Puddingstone
visit the East Herts Geology Club's puddingstone page