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See the 'Resources'  section in our new web site

A Local Group of the Geologists Association

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The new HGS web site is now LIVE. 
This old site will no longer be updated, and will soon go off-line.

Next meeting:  Thursday 9th June 2022, 7:30pm, at Oaklands College
Details are on the new web site.

A lightning tour of the new HGS web site

The new site contains much more information in a more attractive and easily-navigated layout.  Please visit it and have a browse. Here is a very brief tour of the contents.

Under the welcoming Home page you can find some of the varied reasons  Why Geology
is so interesting to such a wide variety of people, as well as how to Join Us or just Contact Us

Full details of future (and past) talks and field trips are in the Events section.

The Hertfordshire Geology section includes an introductory overview, and a wealth of more detailed material with geological maps and descriptions of Solid Formations & Superficial Deposits; also videos of Hertfordshire's geological history and some local geoconservation sites. 

To help you explore, there is an Interactive Map of Hertfordshire's geological sites; pages on Chalk Streams & Puddingstone; and a selection of geology-related Trails & Information Boards.

The Geoconservation section gives an overview of geoconservation in Hertfordshire; details of our RIGS and SSSI sites, including those where the HGS is particularly active; and links to UK-wide and international organisations

The Resources section gives plenty of suggestions for further exploration, including other nearby groups; places to visit both locally and UK-wide; and a selection of learning resources including courses, web sites, talks etc.