2017 Meetings
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The following meetings are planned during 2017

Meetings usually take place on Thursdays at the Verulamium Museum, St. Michaels, 
St. Albans, and start at 7:30pm unless otherwise noted.

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12 January

Change of speaker:
Dr. Ruth Siddall 

“The stones of the Cosmati Floor and their provenance and importance in the ancient world.”

9 February

Percy Evans Lecture: 
Presidential Address by 
Prof. Charlie Bristow 
(Birkbeck, University of London)

Seeing beneath the surface: 
travels with my GPR

9 March

Annual General Meeting and Members' evening.
Wine/fruit juice, cheese and biscuits. (small charge)

Nikki Edwards & Frank Ogilvie
"Geology of South Africa"

13 April 

Dr. Chris Duffin 
Natural History Museum)

"Geology and Medicine"

11  May

Dr. Mark Woods 
Modelling the Chalk subcrop in 3 dimensions"
8 June Dr. Phil Collins 
(Brunel University)

“Anatolian tales: uplift, denudation and people in the Pasinler Basin, eastern Turkey"

13 July Prof. Robert Hall 
(Royal Holloway, 
University of London)

“Australia-SE Asia collision, the Wallace Line and Wallacea"

15th  July
Annual Summer Event A day at College Lake, Pitstone.
Details to be confirmed

14 September

Dr. Rebecca Bell 
(Imperial College, London)
“Did the earth move for you? Great earthquakes to silent slip"

12 October

Dr. Paul Kenrick 
Natural History Museum): 
“The evolution of land plants”

9 November 

Dr. Nial Peters 
(University of Cambridge):
“Mount Erebus volcano, Antarctica"

14 December

Prof. Richard Fortey 
(Natural History Museum)
Ticket-only event
See home page for ticketing details
"Trilobites and how they lived"

Visitors are welcome to attend meetings, subject to a small charge.