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Here are some photos from past field trips. 
For a more detailed description of the trips and the geology we saw, download the corresponding newsletter.
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Photos from 2017 field trips will be here soon.

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Westminster Abbey: sanctuary pavement - February 2016

The group with Ruth Siddall outside Westminster Abbey
[Photo: Lesley Exton]

Industrial geology near Ridge, Hertfordshire - March 2016

Access points to the chalk workings - drawholes
[Photos: Nick Pierpoint]
Collapse features or swallow holes?
[Photo: Nick Pierpoint]

Denbies wine estate and Dorking's museum caves - May 2016

Vines on the slope at Denbies
[Photos: Lesley Exton]

North Norfolk weekend - September/October 2016
[Photos: Lesley Exton]

Paramoudra on foreshore at West Runton Charlie pointing out a glaciotectonic chalk raft Peat on the beach at Holme-next-the-Sea Phragmites leaves in peat at Holme-next-the-Sea
The group in front of Hunstanton cliffs Exposure of Sandringham Sands at Wolferton

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Monken Hadley and Water End, Hertfordshire - March 2015 
Photographs: Clive Maton

The end of Poterells Stream, Water End

Sarsen Stones in Wiltshire - April 2015 
Photographs: Lesley Exton

Avebury: listening to Isobel describing how the sarsens were formed  Dovecote (sarsen and chalk) Alternating sarsen and flint in porch of Avebury church  Sarsens at Clatford Bottom, Fyfield Down The polishing stone

Tour of Oxford Museum - May 2015 
Photographs: Lesley Exton

HGS members outside Oxford Museum 

Looking at part of the collection held by the museum

Kensworth Quarry, Little Heath & Berhamsted Puddingstone (joint field trip with Reading Geological Society) - June 2015 
Photographs: Lesley Exton

Examining the chalk in Kensworth Quarry  Clive describing the features at Little Heath SSSI


Geology of Tor Bay, Devon - October 2015 
Photographs: Lesley Exton

Overturned fold in the sandstones and siltstones of the Meadfoot Group At Berry Head 
(photo: Frank Ogilvie)
Examining the raised beach at Hope's Nose Stalagmites and other formations in Kent's Cavern The Dawlish Sandstone Formation from the railway bridge


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Fauld Mine (British Gypsum) near Tutbury, Burton upon Trent - March 2014 
Photographs: Clive Maton

The group before entering the mine.  Alabaster in the tunnel Part of an alabaster diapir in roof of the tunnel Alabaster memorial in Hanbury church Fauld crater

Bryants Lane Quarry, Leighton Buzzard - August 2014
Photographs: Lesley Exton 

Cross-bedding in Bryants Quarry Looking for fossil wood inside of a marcasite nodule

The Mesozoic rocks of Dorset - October 2014 
Photographs: Nick Pierpoint 

West Bay - Bridport Sandstone looking west The group on Chesil Beach
(Photo: Chris Green)
Kimmeridge Bay looking west. Dolostones in the foreground with Kimmeridge Clay anticline across the bay. Lulworth Cove looking west. Cinder Bed - Cretaceous shelly limestone composed mainly of oysters (Praeexogyra distortia).
Fossilised tree stumps in Portland  Lulworth Crumple

GA Festival of Geology - October 2014 

Another dinosaur encounter Bob Payne (1927-2014) HGS stand with some of Bob's collection on show.